Once there was…..The train!

I’m writing to you at a time when I’m losing the excitement to watch the sprints on TV. I still feel the adrenaline of the sprint and the worse is when you’re sitting in your armchair. What to say… I look at, I notice… and I realize that the world is changing fast. What do I mean? […]

Gone with the Wind, on the contrary, let’s stay here!

Good evening to all. We find ourselves here after a day off, that should be not only rest, infact those that aim to win this race yesterday worked intensively (I think). Today il Giro d’Italia starts for the true “owners” of the race, so far for the potential winners was virtually a light walk (apart […]

Same beach, same seaside

Gaviria terza tappa

Same beach, same seaside… Stage in carbon copy of the previous ones… innocuous breakaway managed by the peloton, in order to handle the mental energies for the long days to come. The peloton let a few men to go away… the rotating teams keep them under control on the basis of responsibilities. The hilly final […]

Missed sprints (Ewan)

2nd stage … legs  need to be “fixed” (it, generally, takes 4/5 days, 3rd day of race is the worst)A challenging path between climbs “eat and drink” … curves and counter curves and wind in the face … with gusts of wind at the edge of the dangerous limit … in addition all riders  with […]

100th Giro d’Italia

Hello friends, Welcome to my space. I decided to tell you directly what I see and think about this wonderful trip that will be the 100th Giro d’Italia Let me unfold a little bit to you, telling you what kind of profound feeling ties me up to this wonderful grand tour. I was six years […]

Goodbye Michele…

Michele Scarponi

I am completely unable to accept and understand the cruelty of this drama. All the words in the world can’t manage to convey what I feel and how much is the pain of all the people that has had the marvelous chanche to meet you. It helps me a little to imagine that you and […]