Missed sprints (Ewan)

2nd stage … legs  need to be “fixed” (it, generally, takes 4/5 days, 3rd day of race is the worst)A challenging path between climbs “eat and drink” … curves and counter curves and wind in the face … with gusts of wind at the edge of the dangerous limit … in addition all riders  with high profile wheels…

The stage was marked by a breakaway of five riders, including  Daniel Teklehaimanot, who was also in the first stage’s escape. My compliments to the five adventurers and my special compliment to Teklehaimanot: he is a force of nature … hardheaded!

35 km far away from the finish line: united peloton.

And Nibali decides that it is better to get safe and go head to head with his team. He thinks: meanwhile we do general tests, in paths like this one it is much better to be in the front of the peloton.

From to be in the front just for safety and to make a real downhill attack was just an instant … and an instant would be enough for someone to stay out of the game…
Good shot… clever Vincenzo (afterwards we will understand if it was for safety or for fear)
Inventing something every day is a good philosophy of racing ..

The Barhain’s attempt ends.
The men of the sprinters arrive…

It’s a great match between Lotto and Orica… but what a strange thing they are forced to mix up the two teams so much that a man Orica helps as he was the last man of Greipel… those few moments of waiting give the opportunity to Gaviria to anticipat (not quite as regular as Petacchi calls it)

I see this as a crafty maneuver (he’s a pistard)
I am talking about the idea  to anticipate Ewan and close the trajectory … then they  touch each other and avoid  us from seeing a true headhead between Ewan and Greipel.

Maybe Ewan is a little bit mad about this second change he lost…

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