What a bestial Sunday

A stage belly to the ground …

Very high average speed, everybody looking for the breakaway, and everybody running after everybody … (“Let’s make a ball” I would have yelled at 😂😂)

There is not much to see, apart from the fall of Quintana (which does not create problems as he becomes a sprinter on the finishing line)

Beautiful and wretched the L.L. Sanchez’s move (I loved his action… a typical action of an expert rider of other times) he had imagined a winning strategy and perhaps was also right, but he finds the Orica team as an opponent trying to launch Yates (boh…)

Nothing else to highlight today

Good stage winner, good Bob

Tomorrow there is a day off …. a day of calm before the storm …

All waiting for Tuesday!

Everything can happen!

Condividi su

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