And then…and then…and then

Hello everybody

Yesterday I took a sabbatical day.

Following the stage today, it seems that the Giro d’Italia is already closed. Now everything is archived!

The first Dutch to win the Tour of Italy.  Some doubts about…

But I think that the lap has to face even the days when something overwhelming may happen.

Today Tom has gone very strong, a single climb on a short stage …they took it  “to death, is almost in line with the features of a time trial specialist like him, taking off from the stop and getting 60 km at an hour… Showed security, just tactics and coolness in managing the first part of the ascent.

The Movistar and Nairo were scalded by the desire to attack … but Tom was always there with confidence, so much so that (I think) the Colombian fell …. when he resumed it, and there the morale created the gap.

We will see …. there is a Holy Week and space because so many things can happen.

I imagine that Tuesday the Movistar will do the Mortirolo in order to try to isolate Domoulin and then at the first climb of the Stelvio impose a rhythm to burn the energies and then, from Santa Maria Val Müstair (1370 meter above the sea level) there are 13 km of “true” climb that lead to 2500 and then beat on Bormio.

And then … and then … and then …. (as Mina sings)

So there is space to see changes there! We will see our heroes…

I think Vincenzo is better in that case than in a dry climb like today.

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