The crap

We were expecting extraordinary things today.

The scenario I imagined was different, less tactics, more “legs”.

I assumed an atrophic forcing already “to death” of Quintana’s men, continuing with forcing on the first climb of the Stelvio, and preparing a real Nairoh attack on the last ascent.

Instead ???

But a bit of confusion … the breakaway of Nairom’s companions who fuel hopes of repetition attacks, we believe we can enjoy a show from one moment to the next …. instead nothing …..

A “crap” reopens part of the giro d’Italia …

Domoulin stops to “evacuate” (maybe too many sugars)

For a while the other riders do not push the pace, but then they do what they have to pedal as strong as   they can …

Reflecting on our heroes do not earn so much, since the Dutch manages to save himself dignitously, in fact keeps the pink jersey …

It will not be that the legs of the attackers are not as incisive as they want us to believe the TV sports commentators.

Mah we will see … I sincerely from Quintana I was expecting more !!

Good Vincenzo … but why not start a little earlier?

The Dutchman on the time trial has a couple of minutes of advantage …

Didn’t you think Nairo was at his full speed?

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