For the sprinters and their teams “comics today”!

Very particular day, today…
The two tragic events of these last weeks weighed (I believe) in the soul of riders.
Michele’s death is in the soul of these guys, summed up with the shame we came to know yesterday … maybe these two events reduced the will of looking for an exploit … but I’m convinced that this volition will soon be normal again.
Normally like this first stage … same theme … escape from a distance, a group of six riders broke clear of the peloton, riders from teams having no real racing programs, so it is possible get to San Pantaleo “appallati”, with the peloton like a unique “ball” (I have the copyright of the term “appallati” I started to use this term when I asked my companions and opponents to take a break when the control of the group did not allow anyone to escape …. in order to avoid a speed increase, I stood up and screamed: “Appallamose!”, “Let’s make the ball!”)

Let’s go back to the race …
10 km far away from the finish line (I remember the tension that went up when I was in the group) and much more when I had the pink jersey… I was electric … touching me meant “shock” I wanted to be on a single line… and none around to disturb me… my poor companions … Calcaterra … Scirea … Lelli … I asked them to work as blacksmiths.
Today riders were open… they chatted with their own captains to avoid them to get caught in strange crowds created by group shifts (like the flock of shouts).
4 km far away from the finish line… Jungels, Quick Step, starts, but none of his companions follow him … there is the hope that somebody starts and meanwhile Sam Bennett drives Ewan… but with two curve as a kid, Posterberger gets the line and victory and Ewan beats the others…
Today comics (referring to the sprinters

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