100th Giro d’Italia

Hello friends,
Welcome to my space.
I decided to tell you directly what I see and think about this wonderful trip that will be the 100th Giro d’Italia
Let me unfold a little bit to you, telling you what kind of profound feeling ties me up to this wonderful grand tour.

I was six years old when I took part to my first bike race. My father Vivaldo took me to cycling with him, like a game, he challenged me in the sprint… neither of us imagined that one day I would have won 42 stages at the Giro d’Italia, but I think my dad realized that in the little child sitting on the bike, there was a little warrior with very clear ideas.
From then on that little boy would have only one dream… Winning professional bike races with a sprint.

I was dazzled by the image of those cyclists I saw coming out of the San Giuliano tunnel… It was a Giro d’Italia but I do not remember the year and the stage I remember just it was an individual time trial.

They looked like aliens.
Fantastic athletes got materialized from the dark of the gallery… with beautiful bicycles and silk body (at that time lycra did not exist at all) and the glitter of the wheels and chromes illuminated by sun rays..
I made the decision!!
At that time I decided that I wanted to become one of them… even stronger than them…
My brother Caesar, 9 years older than me, was there. He was preparing his suitcase…
This object unknown to me: the suitcase… who would have thought it would be so fundamental to my life?
Dear friends… you don’t imagine but for a cyclist a suitcase is a bit like home!
That afternoon I watched him and I dreamed that one day I would have prepared that suitcase to take part to the Giro d’Italia.

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  1. Super Mario!!!!!

  2. Best sprinter ever! Thanks to share your first memories of cycling…

  3. Bello.

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