Looking for ideas…

Tappa 11 vince Fraile

It has been a very interesting stage today. We began to recognize team tactics to make life harder to Domoulin. The idea of Quintana, Nibali and Pinot’s teams is to knock up the Dutch and they started today … The hope is to try to overexert Domoulin’s teammates with the hope of isolating him in […]

From tomorrow fire to the fuse

This Giro d’Italia is becoming very interesting! With today’s rally Domoulin overthrows the balances fixed few hours ago! Sunday evening Quintana seemed to have already won the Giro d’Italia …..today it seems that Domoulin has won already him the Giro d’Italia. Nibali enters tiptoed and begins with today’s performance to make series projections into the […]

Finally dancing!!

Finally a stage as it should! The Movistar’s tactic of climbing with the highest pace, from the slopes was to impose the “threshold” pace to stretch, as much as possible, the agonizing minutes of opponents. Quintana’s men show conviction and security and even more. Quintana starts resolute and not very short, even begins to stain […]

And yet it moves

First step of general trials, the Barhain Team launches  Visconti … double target, if it half successful he gains time in the standing and can be useful tomorrow and after the tactical games of the team, bad going he wins the stage. It  is a shame that  Movistar is careful (very careful) and inserts Izaguirre […]

Thank God there are the sprinters!

Today we have experienced a great emotion. Strange, but until now, and we are talking about the 6th stage, we have got the most intense moments by the sprinters and the maneuvers of their teams, I would say that today was the most beautiful. I’m impressed by Gaviria, it has a variation of speed to […]

Everything else is boring…

Stage 6 … The breakaway get the finish line. This is normal in competitive cycling and especially in multiple-stage bicycle races. The ranking has been lengthened, so as there is not a tight control among the sprinters, there are opportunities for breakaways… maybe the teams that today had a potential good chance left a little […]

Once there was…..The train!

I’m writing to you at a time when I’m losing the excitement to watch the sprints on TV. I still feel the adrenaline of the sprint and the worse is when you’re sitting in your armchair. What to say… I look at, I notice… and I realize that the world is changing fast. What do I mean? […]