From tomorrow fire to the fuse

This Giro d’Italia is becoming very interesting!
With today’s rally Domoulin overthrows the balances fixed few hours ago!
Sunday evening Quintana seemed to have already won the Giro d’Italia … it seems that Domoulin has won already him the Giro d’Italia.
Nibali enters tiptoed and begins with today’s performance to make series projections into the fight for the victory.
I think it’s all to see.

I think Domoulin must be in a year of grace different from all the previous ones (where he found on the 3rd week the complicated days). If it happened in the Stelvio day?
Nibali will grow… but I think that Quintana will grow up too (the demonstration of a top-notch condition is coming out today (confirms the 5.9xkg expressed Sunday far from its top values).

We’ll have fun because I think Movistar will now start to move very carefully. I imagine a feline studying prey before the attack; Movistar have men who can climb up the tall Dutch but above all his team …. the attempt to undermine could start already tomorrow.

But climbs there are still so many so in this strategy that it will be to isolate it by climbing rhythms, or inserting solid pawns into complicated leaks should make the actions even more decisive for the Bahrain Team if necessary with Vincenzo in first person and FDJ with Pinot ….. all very interesting.

have fun!

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