Finally dancing!!

Finally a stage as it should!
The Movistar’s tactic of climbing with the highest pace, from the slopes was to impose the “threshold” pace to stretch, as much as possible, the agonizing minutes of opponents.
Quintana’s men show conviction and security and even more.

Quintana starts resolute and not very short, even begins to stain the legs of Nibali and Pinot already 7km from the finish line …very beautiful Vincenzo’s recoveries sometimes helped by the French rider …Nibali gives almost the impression of demoralizing the Colombian …
But maybe Quintana feels Vincenzo’s breath and decides to make his race-winning move…

We need to underline that today’s climb was 500 meters at an altitude of 1600 meters (definitely more affordable for us Caucasians) but when they go from 1500 to 2500 (that is stuff for Andean)
We’ll see…

Dumoulin gives good answers and this is good for Unzué (Movistar’s Hard Disk) because Tuesday the Dutch will take the pink jersey, and having to control him the race the Spaniards will be on the 2nd row to save their mental energies.

40 minutes of effort with an average ascending speed of 1640 and a power for Nairo of 5.9, good! But nothing remarkable… perhaps not justifying the 60 seconds inflicted to Vincenzo, but it is likely that the high-speed running stage exponentially bleeds glycogen in the muscles of the boys.
I’m sorry for the boys of Sky and the other fallen, you can not imagine the shock that you try to be at the maximum of the commitment to chase a dream together with your companions that give the soul for you! (and who runs the team spends tens of millions)
You who are athlete that has been working for months sacrificing yourself and your family with extreme sacrificial rhythms, being thrown to the ground by a reaction caused by a person that is paid to ensure your safety instead, he thinks taht is good to stop on the road, at a time when he would not pass a cardboard sheet between one hand and another… Please, do not come to apologize to me or talking about strange variables! There are guilty and responsible people! Who did what?

An eyebrow to those athletes who were in the lead of the group on the left! Simple signals with a simple gesture of the raised hand and maybe the accident might not happen.

Good luck guys

Condividi su

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