And yet it moves

First step of general trials, the Barhain Team launches  Visconti … double target, if it half successful he gains time in the standing and can be useful tomorrow and after the tactical games of the team, bad going he wins the stage.

It  is a shame that  Movistar is careful (very careful) and inserts Izaguirre (it is a pity for Visco), you can measure his solidity  when he  get up on the pedals, long and full-length pedaling;
behind in the peloton  they  toddle but suffering, and the confirmation occurs after the curve in which the young Conti slips, because Gorke sprint based on his instinct but at full steam! They try to engage but both Leon and Giovanni  surrender to the power of Spaniard,

Will it be a presage of team level?

We are all waiting for tomorrow’s stage …We hope there is no wind, too sunny or rude public that invades the streets.

Please,  give us some emotion and enjoyment …

Condividi su

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